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The VoltOx™ Emission Reduction Control Unit (ERCU) dramatically decreases fuel consumption, lowers CO2 emissions, and extends the life of your generator. 

Easily moveable with a picker truck and built on a skid that is designed to take what even the most demanding job sites can throw at it, the VoltOx™ ERCU can be rapidly deployed to any location to lower emissions in the field. 

VoltOx™ makes emissions reduction profitable. Speak to a representative today to see how our patent pending process can save you money.

By introducing intelligent energy management, more power from the generator is captured and unleashed to meet user demands.

By reducing daily runtime on average to under an hour a day in most cases, it now takes 30,000 days to reach 30,000 hours. Maintenance frequency is now months apart, not days.

The VoltOx™ ERCU unit has wireless communications that allow for monitoring run time, energy output, start up frequency and thus, emission reductions.

The control unit requires roughly 1 hour to pair with a generator unit. Two twist lock connection points are installed to the generator cabinet to redirect energy when the VoltOxT™ is engaged. No other switching is required. Simply twist the connections and the control unit takes over. When the VoltOx™ is not engaged, the generator will run as it did before.

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